Samsung bringing back the Edge brand after two generations

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
   Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is likely to come with a new model called “Edge,” with the South Korean company planning to bring back this naming that it last used on the Galaxy S7 Edge launched in 2016.

The Edge moniker was used by Samsung for models that featured at least one curved screen, as the older lineups also included flat displays. It was dropped on the Samsung Galaxy S8, the first which introduced the S8+ model, and the same approach was used for the Galaxy S9 too.

Now it looks like the Edge branding is coming back and it all makes sense when taking into account the latest rumors regarding Samsung’s new smartphones.

Basically, there will be three different Samsung Galaxy S10 versions that will go live in February.

Three Galaxy S10 models

First of all, the base model will be a Galaxy S10 with a flat 5.8-inch screen that will be simply called Samsung Galaxy S10.

Second of all, the lineup will include a larger 6.1-inch Galaxy S10, which according to MobileFun, could hit the shelves as Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge. This particular model will use curved screens, just like the Galaxy S9.

And third, Samsung will introduce an upgraded phone called Samsung Galaxy S10+ and which will use a 6.4-inch display, also with curved edges. However, the South Koreans are expected to use the Plus branding on this model.

A fourth model, likely based on the Galaxy S10+, but boasting 5G support, is expected to go live in 2019 as well, but existing reports indicate this would only happen at a later time after the original unveiling.

The Galaxy S10 lineup could see daylight in February just ahead of the MWC conference, while the first units would be delivered to customers in early March, as per Samsung’s typical schedule.

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