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Mozilla Thunderbird continues to be a very popular email app
   Mozilla Thunderbird continues to be a very popular email app

Mozilla has released a new version of the Thunderbird email client for all supported desktop platforms.

With version 60.4.0, Mozilla Thunderbird gets a bunch of improvements under the hood, and Mozilla says it has also managed to fix a couple of bugs in the application.

What’s important to know is that you shouldn’t notice any major changes at first after installing the new version of Mozilla Thunderbird, as the refinements are mostly under the hood of the app. However, you’re still recommended to update to the latest release.

First and foremost, there’s one new feature in this update, yet home users may not necessarily be targeted by this. As Mozilla explains, Thunderbird 60.4.0 includes “WebExtensions FileLink API to facilitate FileLink add-ons for WeTransfer and Dropbox (forthcoming).”

In other words, add-ons that are based on WeTransfer and Dropbox should run smoother on the latest version of Thunderbird and let you send files via email easier.

App could crash due to custom sounds

There are also two different bug fixes, one of which addresses decoding problems for messages with less common charsets. And second, Mozilla says new messages in the drafts folder will no longer be included in the new message notification.

There are several known issues in this build, including a crash that occurs when using custom sound for new email notifications. Users are recommended to use system sounds until a patch is offered. Also, the Twitter support no longer works in the Chat feature due to API changes at

Thunderbird continues to be one super-popular email client, including on Windows, despite Microsoft adding its very own Mail app in the operating system. Thunderbird, however, offers a very compelling feature package, as well as support for add-ons and extra features in pure Mozilla fashion.

You can download Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows, Linux, and macOS using these links.

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