New update now up for grabs on all iPhones

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Apple ships a second update for iOS
   Apple ships a second update for iOS

Even though Apple is busy dealing with all the legal trouble that it’s involved into across the world, the iOS development team keeps refining the experience with the OS and a few hours ago published the second version of iOS 12.1.2.

Apple originally rolled this particular version of iOS on Monday, and at that point, the company said it only addressed two different issues in the operating system.

However, this new update comes without any announcement or changelog, despite featuring the same version number. No details have been provided about what’s included in the update and why Apple decided to re-release it, but it’s believed it may contain small fixes that the company didn’t want to include in a separate release.

The new build number of iOS 12.1.2 is 16C104, while the original version that landed on Monday was 16C101.

Patent disputes

Interestingly, the re-release of iOS 12.1.2 comes at a time when Apple is under fire for allegedly violating a couple of patents belong to Qualcomm. iPhones have been banned in China for infringing on two software patents, and Apple addressed the claims with the original version of iOS 12.1.2.

Basically, Apple was accused that the app closing animation on the iPhone was too similar with the one invented by Qualcomm, so with the release of the new iOS version, Cupertino introduced a new animation specifically aimed at Chinese devices.

Apple is also facing similar claims in Germany where its iPhones are subject to a different ban in another legal dispute against Qualcomm.

It’s not yet known if the second version of the update is supposed to address any other claims related to patents. However, all devices are getting it, not just the models sold in China. Also, just like the original release, the updated version of iOS 12.1.2 is available exclusively for iPhones.

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